H O M E - last update 26-02-2007

My name is Aurore (pronounced "Aurora" in English) and I have been in the service of the world of image for 6 years.
My background initially touched mainly the medium of graphic design and communication, then progressed naturally into Multimedia, before pausing its journey with what you will find within these pages. Anyway, the aims and objectives are the same: ultimately it is a question of having a sufficiently broad pallet of styles to adapt to the taste of the client.

A work of Art is the result of an inner voyage,
of very personal research not necessarily accessible to the common run of people. Its first objective is not to flatter the glance of the casual observer; it could disturb it, or shock it. And since this step is not lucrative (for the majority of honest artists), it should not follow any current of fashion, if they are not artistic currents. Finally the technique is not a point for negotiation.
It is here that I consider the step of the graphic designer, completely different from that of the artist. Even if we use similar mediums, even if creation calls upon an artistic direction, even if we both know the syndrome of the white page, and even if we both intend for our work to touch a large audience.
I adapt my pallet of styles to emphasize your personality, not mine.
Daily work requires keeping up to date with the currents of visual communication as well as those of technological research.
Graphic Design is to Art what “Prêt-à-Porter” is to “Haute-Couture”. (see no pejorative connotation there).

Very often the requirements of the client are defined during a long discussion on their objectives,
and the spirit which they want to eminate from the final product.
Then there is the conception step: one starts quite abstract, an idea, then when one takes into account the target, the style, the tree structure, and the technique employed, then this “thing” evolves into a finished product. My role is to guide you, and help you to "cement" your project.

This web-site
will give you a good overview of my work, including not only graphic design, but also personal work, like canvas, art prints, photography and some extracts of my sketch books. This website is in constant evolution, and will be updated very regulary with my last works and creations.